Finn Loves his Grandma [Northern Michigan Family Photographer]

I really cannot say enough just how much I love what I do. I have met the most amazing families that I never would have met otherwise. They welcome me into their homes and lives with open arms and more times than not I feel like I’ve formed a true friendship after only spending an hour or two with them.

Two days after Thanksgiving and 4 days after his 1st Birthday I met Finn, as well has his parents and both sets of grandparents. I had so much fun exploring some family property on one of our beautiful Northern Michigan lakes and capturing all of Finn’s sweetness. It was around 30 degrees, but with some help from his grandma, he remained happy the whole time. Here is a fun video his Mama sent me, along with one of the resulting images.

It was a true pleasure to meet this family!

One thought on “Finn Loves his Grandma [Northern Michigan Family Photographer]

  1. Debbie Bigham

    Great video:-) gramas can be just as silly for their grand kids as they were once upon a time for their children. Congratulations to Tara and the entire family 🙂

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