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Lookbook Shoot with Vilah Bloom | Northern Michigan Photographer

I have all the big puffy hearts for these bags. I love using them, I love photographing them. We are way past diaper stage in our home, but I still use one when travelling (I mean, when do we stop needing wipes for kids? Never.). Find the collection and more information here: Vilah Bloom
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R Family | Northern Michigan Beach Photographer

Magical light, warm sun and sand, bleached out hair from days spent outside, camping, oh my….. Untitled-1

My Little Fawn | Northern Michigan Portrait Photographer

I feel like it’s worth mentioning I started this session at close to 8:00 p.m. and I would have even started later. Also, this is all within a 1 mile radius of our house. There is so much beauty to be had, everywhere.

IMG_6251 copy

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IMG_6258 copy

G Family | Northern Michigan Family Photographer

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