Olivia’s 5 Birthday Party | Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party

I’m going to keep this a little more light hearted and more about the sweet little party we had, rather than sob to all of you about how sad I am that my babies are growing up way too quickly before my eyes.

When Olivia and I decided on her theme, we were aiming more for Strawberry Shortcake¬† – the girl/book/cartoon/doll. However, as I started picking stuff up her for her party, it turned more into a Strawberry/Strawberry Shortcake – the cake, kind of party. Mostly because I was being a little selfish and wanted classic Strawberry Shortcake for her, not new and trendy Strawberry Shortcake and all of that old-ish stuff can be hard to find at a decent price for a 5 year old’s Birthday Party and because she isn’t in to the new cartoon and all of that either. I think she just liked the idea.

The day was beautiful and she had a lot of fun with good friends!

(not pictured – Strawberry Pinata)






IMG_9981 copy





IMG_0009 copy

IMG_0008 copy

IMG_0012 copy




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