Make Every Moment Matter

Time is certainly not slowing down, I don’t think it ever will. I’ve come to a lot of realizations lately, one most important being, to soak up all the littlest moments with my family. My oldest baby is now 7. In my head I had him just yesterday. I’ve done my best to remember every little piece of him and what I don’t remember will hopefully be made up for in photos and videos. I find myself getting foggy with certain memories, phrases he has said that I vowed to remember, but haven’t. Thankfully, I started wrote many of these down. My 2nd baby is 3, going on 25. Again, didn’t I just have her yesterday?! Alas, time blows by and little things are starting to make me feel older. My baby, my final baby, is 6 months old. Half way to 1 year. Time is not getting any slower and I am doing my best to capture and remember it all. Every roll, every wrinkle, every coo, every cry, every snuggle. The way she looks at her daddy. The way she smiles at her brother. The way she winces when her sister comes running at her. I want to remember everything.

Miss Charlee, 6 Months

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